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The Connected Supply Chain & Digital Strategy conference summary

This summary captures a day of presentations, interactive dialogue at the conference on The Connected Supply Chain and Digital Strategy which took place the 6th of October in Paris Dauphine University.

The Supply Chain represents the digital mirror that your physical Supply Chain creates.

The evolution of the digital Supply Chain is such that the data and information being created has similar if not more value than the physical inventory and services within your Supply Chain.

The Supply chain becomes a network with several point of contact (supplier, customer…) and the data becomes the asset that allows you to analyze and make best decision for your business.

The current state: three-quarter (75%) they say this digital transformation is important but half of them (48%) use the traditional communication.33% are not satisfied of their digital project.

Digital’s impacts are far and wide in Supply Chain:

  • Amazon effect: service expectations in our personal lives are driving changes in our professional lives.
  • Digitalizes Supply Chain: digital transformation no longer at the front end of Supply Chain.
  • Innovation emerges everywhere: digital opens up more of Supply Chain where will innovation appear?
  • Internet of things (IoT): 50+Billion connected things even more insight into your Supply Chain.
  • Big data: A global end to end visibility is able to improve 30% of production
  • Automation: Automation has the potential to be a real game-changer in the Supply Chain.
  • 3D printing: there are a number of ways that 3D printers way alter the Supply Chain including substantially reducing manufacturing lead times; shorter time-to-market for new designs; customer demand will be met more quickly; and logistics will adjust to print-on-demand, eliminating the need to carry inventory.
  • Focus on global: Your network has to be truly global; this is no longer a linear relationship but a truly global network
  • Outside is the new way: Supply Chain efficiencies has been achieved now focus on the external aspects

In the evolving digital world:

  • The digital mirror is equally valuable as the physical inventory
  • Enhance existing processes
  • New insights and opportunities abound
  • Network not  only possible but the reality of your Supply Chain
  • Are you ready to take advantage of this transformation?

At the end of the day we are all digital businesses.

We are creating and consuming an ever growing amount of data.

Those that understand what to focus on, what to ignore and which opportunities to seize will emerge as leader.

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