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Once upon a time, facts made the story

As technologies and regulations (especially in France) are pushing companies to reduce the arduousness of work, GEODIS is already striving to make these positions more attractive and open to female professionals.

Countries are sparing no effort and are increasing the number of initiatives to assemble gender-balanced teams.

“Mission accomplished for Ireland, where a 50/50 men-women breakdown has been reached in Supply Chain jobs.”

This strategy will expand lifestyle choices for both male and female professionals, bring new skills to the table and above all, influence the model of success.

Indeed, though 92% of women chose to take parental leave, while only 8% of men do, women are not faced with any disadvantage in terms of wages. On the contrary, they even earn more than men.

”It doesn’t have anything to do with positive discrimination, but with women staying longer in the company than men” Aliie Kazak, HR Officer at GEODIS Ireland.

For experienced hires, women stay on average 8 years, while men only stay 6. And at entry-level, they stay respectively 14 and 9 years on average. Pay gap and seniority are in this regard closely linked (6% at entry level against 3% for experienced hires). Audit from September 2016 – GEEIS.

”This proves that our efforts have been successful and that we are able to create a welcoming work environment reflecting women’s aspirations in a historically male-dominated sector.” Kathleen Rehbein, HR Director BU Northern Europe.

It also shows that balancing fulfilling professional and personal lives in the long term is possible.


A success story in the logistics industry

Yet, Logistics is a sector still struggling to achieve gender equality, especially for supervisory and leadership positions.


Although, as the figures show, women are still under-represented, there are clear signs of improvement; a positive trend that GEODIS intends to try to develop even further with the support of its female role models. GEODIS CEO Marie-Christine Lombard, together with Human Resources Chief Officer for the Northern Europe Business Unit Kathleen Rehbein, among others, are advocating for gender equality and actively promoting female professionals at every level.

(“Logistics Managers and Supply Chain project Managers positions are growing by 24.5%,” says the BLS, due to international shipping).


The key role of Business Excellence

For many years, Corporate Social Responsibility has been at the heart of companies’ Business Excellence models.

The objective: bringing together all the stakeholders around a single total quality management approach, both sustainable and innovative.

Complying with standards prepare us to deal with “upcoming” Corporate law matters.

Nowadays this quest is more relevant than ever, as we are provided with many opportunities for change and are able to grow faster.

Our intention is not to act in a disorganized manner, but on the contrary, we strive toward achieving balance; our initiatives are targeted and yet, they are able to impact the whole company.

“Raising awareness, educating, mobilizing and auditing are necessary to drive the topics which punctuate  our coworkers’ lives and careers  ”.

Coworkers are indeed the main driving force that will both support and develop our approach, and it is thus essential to engage them. They are the ambassadors of value creation and its diffusion.

Internal and external studies have shown that even though we are fully committed, many questions are yet to be tackled, for instance the Compensation and Benefits component. Which levers  to make the C&B system scalable toward a better equality?


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  • Aliie Kazak says:

    Excellent overview Audrey! Geodis Ireland is delighted to receive Gender Equality European & International Standard. And in relation to female in managerial position our biggest female leader said “It doesn’t matter whether you are a male or a female, you need to work hard if you want to achieve professional success”.