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E-commerce is expected to grow by + 20% in 2017, thanks to strategic logistics design in a sector that does not know any crisis.

Netcomm, the well-known Italian e-commerce association, forecasts a growth of +20% for E-Commerce for the current year and, if so, it would be the best increase since 2010.

What makes the difference is mostly the logistics design strategy put in place, where efficiency and effectiveness are key values to obtain good performance. A more and more attentive and demanding consumer today requires:

  • a real-time information about the date and time of delivery,
  • a cost-effective – if not even free-of-charge – returns service,
  • along with fast and flexible customer service,
  • and the guarantee of the integrity products.

With these features, it’s easy to understand how the supply chain plays an essential role in the evolution of this sector.

The E-Commerce era has radically changed the B2C sales process, enabling companies to take advantage of the business-technology binomial, to bypass the difficulties associated to an unstable economic period.

A synergic link between the two sectors, in which not only the so-called “multichannel” and “omnichannel” approaches play a key role, but also specific service drivers (order cycle times, order management, punctuality, flexibility and delivery quality), needed to reorganize operations through a strategic, versatile and tailor-made reengineering of the supply chain.

Providing an integrated logistics service to the highly automated and standardized techno-logistic platform thus becomes a real plus, especially when coordinating the different activities in a short time, focusing on warehouse management, storage phases, packaging, shipping and return management. To streamline the process, today the 3PL operators benefit from the most innovative technology systems, such as RFID, enabling you to photograph, identify, scan and place the product in an established storage area.

Entering the world of e-commerce means studying and implementing an efficient order-shipping process at every stage, optimized for the category of the offered products and focused to offer the best customer experience.

Market, product and the performance expected by the customers have a strong impact on the best type of management structure to be adopted, but the constant reengineering aimed at boosting the supply chain efficiency becomes the perfect tool for differentiating from other companies on the online channel, thus enabling a real creation on sales value.


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