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DuoDay 2019: Better together in the workplace

Over the last 10 years, GEODIS has been promoting the integration of people with disabilities in the workplace. In line with our “better together in the workplace” vision and company values, the DuoDay (also known as Job Shadow Day) held on May 19th 2019, aims at overcoming stereotypes and raising awareness on diversity through the creation of duos made of one disabled person and one volunteer employee. Thanks to this initiative in collaboration with the French employment centre, a disabled person has the opportunity to get a close up look at the world of work by shadowing an employee as they go about their normal working routine. For some of them, this is about rediscovering the workplace after a long inactivity period due to health conditions.

Joining the experience is very simple. An organisation or a disabled person can create a profile on the duoday.fr website and a match is then created with an employee who submitted an offer. The disabled person is insured by DuoDay and is linked to the company through an internship agreement.

From DuoDay to a new job position

Employees from Euromatic, GEODIS’ subsidiary back then, wished to support this positive action as part of its “better together in the workplace” business project.

The constraints of this initiative, such as accessibility for people with disabilities (some agencies are not elevator-equipped), did not prevent the creation of two duos following a national call for candidates.

Isabelle, who works as an executive assistant within the Compans agency, has had the chance to shadow Sophia. Seduced by the idea, this Euromatic employee volunteered to take part in DuoDay and spent a working day with Sophia, the two of them got along very well. The day started with a site visit, followed by a presentation of its missions and activities. As an outcome of this positive experience, Sophia was offered a job position by the Euromatic Management and she now works in the Planning Department every morning. Vanessa, who works in the Nantes agency, also took part in the initiative and shadowed Christine among the Administrative Department.

Ready for DuoDay 2020

The outcome is definitely positive since it enabled people with disabilities to rediscover the workplace. This meeting opportunity fosters the employees to change their attitude towards disabled people and both businesses and disabled people benefit from this. For DuoDay 2020, we aim at creating more brilliant duos since the experience has proven very successful and extending the offer to other departments.

GEODIS is involved in this initiative and intends to take part in the European Disability Employment Week which takes place from November 18th to 24th 2019.


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