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“GEODIS and ME” by the Contract Logistics Line of Business

Meet Dominique, Operations logistics manager, with a 5-question interview.

Having had an experience as an entrepreneur, Dominique is now part of GEODIS operations team in France. Here are our usual 5 questions to spotlight his professional experience and gain insight into his role.


1. What are your daily activities in the Contract Logistics Line of Business of GEODIS?

I am responsible for the smooth running of operations across three sites in the South-West of France. My working days are never the same! I have to keep track of the key performance indicators of each warehouse and ensure that Site Managers activate action plans when necessary. My field of action is not limited to operations. I am often the link between GEODIS and our customers, our operational team and external organizations or our support services…

2. The world of logistics operations is seen as a very tough environment. What idea do you have of it?

The competition is fierce but the challenges that this environment brings us are so enthralling and interesting! From an external point of view, this job may seem complicated, but our mission is to respond to our customers’ requests by mastering our processes in order to create value for them. We live in a world where everything keeps moving faster and faster and I try to take full advantage of the tools available to us such as LEAN or of the group’s values such as Innovation in order to turn constraints into opportunities.

3. You currently attend the Talent program at the Logistics Management Institute. Tell us more about it…

It is an extraordinary opportunity to train in a wide variety of fields (Supply Chain Management, Finance, Communication, Audit…) alongside the experts of their sectors.

Working in groups with colleagues from other countries teaches me a lot. Within this framework, we are more aware of the power of the Line of Business and the benchmark between the Italians, the French, the Germans and the Dutch makes us want to work internationally.

This training opens up opportunities for development within the organization. Giving an opportunity to progress to employees, who might reach different levels of responsibility in a few years, is a real asset to strengthen team spirit.

4. How does your previous experience as an entrepreneur help you at GEODIS?

The advantage of developing your own business is that you have necessarily experienced everything – trade, finance negotiation, IT development, accounting and so many other things that you didn’t know much about or didn’t know at all. Obviously you cannot become an expert in all these fields but I’ve learned to prioritize my actions and I think that it has brought me a lot in terms of efficiency.

5. If you had to choose a mentor, anyone, who would that person be?

Nelson Mandela is an inspiring personality to me. I often quote his statement: “I never lose. I either win or learn”. The history of this man inspires respect and we can only conclude that he has changed the destiny of an entire country by showing qualities that I am trying to promote to myself and my colleagues: strength of convictions, benevolence and patience while implementing them. Never give up and yet accept failure as the starting point for an alternative solution.


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