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GEODIS gives Mobility management a new boost

How to push Mobility boundaries and its outcomes?

“Hard” mobility has always been a headache for Human Resources Departments. “Is it the right time?” “Do they have all the required skills?” “Which training(s) is necessary to catch-up?” “Are they in a hurry?” “Should we wait for internal restructuring?” “When will they be able to take over the position?”

Such questions are likely to be a setback for mobility, thus preventing skills development and going so far as to discourage employees in their desire to grow within the company.

Today, the world no longer wants to wait to be able to live new experiences: the technological evolutions are here as an obvious proof and the “disruptive economy” is preparing us for it.

Behaviors are changing and becoming “hyperconnected”, and so are expectations.

At the same time, our structured, united and international organization provides us with internal solutions more suited to our environment, while being reassuring for both the employee and the manager.


How does it work?

Listen and build a positive mindset

Coming from Germany and Ireland, the Job-Rotation Project creates opportunities for temporary and voluntary mobility aimed at increasing the adaptability and know-how of our teams, as well as stimulating their curiosity.

Organized in a smart approach, this kind of mobility has multiple objectives:

  • Encouraging a mutual technical and interpersonal development;
  • Increasing horizontal exchanges;
  • Strengthening the GEODIS network;
  • Awakening or “confirming” a desire for “hard” mobility and giving the Management more time to rebuild a team;
  • Acting for the retention of the key competencies holdersShaping behaviors of our tomorrow’s leadership in order to share a common vision


For a long time, working in project mode or being assigned to specific missions was dedicated to consultants or experts with the objective of widening their knowledge, from now on Human Resources are taking back the wheel to make these opportunities more accessible.



Open-up perspectives

More than a simple provisional assignment to support a project, our Job-Rotation Project aims at becoming an inherent part of our culture of Innovation.

“We wish for our employees to get out of their comfort zone and enjoy it.”

A 2-month period simplifies the issues regarding taxation [within Europe].

It is the opportunity to live a sufficiently immersive experience and actively discover a new job, know-how (often complementary) or get a better insight of an environment. To improve language skills or best practices and become an insider. Employees can also take a step back from their daily routine at work, coming back a few months later with a richer experience that will change perspective and added value.

“It is just the beginning but it’s already success story and depending on outcomes, we will maximize the benefits of the experience. All volunteers are welcome!” Kathleen Rehbein, Head of Human Resources for the Business Unit Northern Europe.

The prime costs are shared between the stakeholders in an effort to create a sense of unity among them. Willingness, commitment and openness, together with selected fields of expertise, are the main success factors for this initiative.


Coming soon

The next issue will deal with the impact of this experience on the leadership.

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