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Innovation & Logistics: warehouse inventory thanks to drones


Over the last years, the logistics industry has been among the ones that have evolved the most. We could even say that the traditional concept of logistics is an ever-changing field. As a matter of fact, more and more frequently, companies that operate in the field of goods handling, have been able to renew and innovate, by greatly expanding their services offer to support the customer’s business and by knowing how to skillfully grasp the changes in market demands.

The avant-garde technologies chosen by logistics operators have a very strong impact on what can be considered innovative in this sector, as they are oriented to make supply chain optimization operations leaner and faster.

For greater ease in supply chain management, the use of drones has been recently introduced in order to automate the warehouse inventory process. This allows to ensure the count, real-time reporting of the warehouse stock, processing and data recovery in the internal information system (WMS – Warehouse Management System), thus becoming an effective system to integrate the entire value chain.

The drone is usually a unique prototype designed by a team of experienced engineers. It can combine a ground-based robot, endowed with a battery that provides the energy needed to move in the warehouse with a quadcopters (drone with four propellers) equipped with high-resolution cameras. The entire system, through indoor geo-location technology often works in complete autonomy even during the closing hours of logistics sites and it allows to substantially reduce operational timing.

This sophisticated innovative process in continuous development allows logistics players to grow and stand-out as a necessary partner for the management of the supply-chain.

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  • Berard says:

    Our warehouse in the Toulouse area has been chosen as a testing area for drones. The Geodis team here is so proud to be part of this innovative adventure.