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Mobile solutions for a more competitive 4.0 Supply Chain

The operating systems evolution of 4.0 supply chain management  shows a clear signal of companies increasingly tending towards mobile platforms.

The activities related to the supply chain management are becoming the crucial benchmark to the distinction among competitors; value chain integration and sharing information in the shortest time possible are fundamental demands.

Hence, there is a request from the market, which is pushing for the implementation of new forms of management based on mobile platforms designed for fast transmission of large data volumes, for the optimization of operations and error minimization.

The progress here concerns therefore not only computer systems, but also the devices used to carry out supply chain management’s operations.

Where handheld devices were used by the teams, today the equipment is more similar to smartphones. This change is due to the current trend but also to a greater confidence that operators have towards whatever is similar to the latest mobile phones.

The same companies, then, tend to prefer this kind of devices and systems in order to facilitate a potential migration from a system to another, along with the chance of having quality and user-friendly products, with high battery duration performance, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capability.

The supply chain management will be enhanced by more and more functional structures, with widened and boosted mobile broadcast bands for data volumes transmission. Thanks to the creation of the new 5G transmission band, it will be possible to work on standardized and uninterrupted communication system, outside from the distinction between vehicles, human beings and sensors and able to make the communication faster and more effective.

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