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Logistics Goes Further with “Sm@Rt” Technology

Quick, easy, fluid, agile, seamless, intelligent, with high added value, reactive, profitable…                                                                        

These are the basic qualities customers dream of for their supply chain. It’s got to be all this, and besides, to be smart.

Nowadays, there is no alternative to optimizing the supply chain in more and more creative and clever ways, to further enhance added value for the customer.

GEODIS’ Italian Engineering Dept. worked closely with the operational team to deliver a simple solution, developed as a mobile app, in particular for the needs of an E-Commerce giant customer. The result of this teamwork is GEODIS’ Sm@rt Pad Project, where Sm@rt stands for:

  • Send
  • Messages
  • At
  • Replenishment
  • Team

Use of IPads in GEODIS warehouse in ItalyThe goal is to make operations more optimized, thanks to the development of a cutting-edge SW which enables the information sharing between packers, replenishment operators and team leaders, through wireless messages via iPad.

The benefits arising  from the use of Sm@rt pads are immediate and reflect in a reduction of waiting times, operational instructions always at hand, highest control by the managers and easy coordination between managers and operators.

To mention some advantages of the system, the operator can easily send a replenishment request, with an accurate indication of the needed supplies, accept the mission or transfer it to another colleague with only one click; the team leaders have real-time visibility of both the workstation and the material stock.

Here is an overview of the main functionnalities of this solution:

Smart Pads functionalities

Basically, the communication has never been so smooth and the results speak for themselves. This unique and user-friendly system like Sm@rt brings the supply chain into the 5.0 era!


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