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The Busiest Port In The World: Singapore

The Singapore port is unanimously regarded to be the busiest port in the world. While generalising, it is referred to as the Singaporean port, it is in fact a collection of all porting and harbouring amenities offered by the nation to all international and national vessels in transit.

According to the 2005 statistics tabulated, the port of Singapore had catered to vessels exceeding over one-point-five billion in gross tonnage, making it the world’s busiest port. Alongside, the port was also categorised as the world’s most engaged port when it came to transhipment activities.

Transhipment activities are carried out on those cargo which need further work or modifications to be carried out before they can be transported to their intended final port of destination. In the international maritime arena, the Singaporean port undertakes many such vital transhipment activities, which has further enhanced its credibility amongst the other ports of the world.


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