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Listening to our People

A world target

Nowadays, it is essential to understand the organization you are working in if you want to succeed in managing and inspiring people. Nevertheless, it is not always obvious to do so in addition to your daily work.

What better way than asking employees about their professional level of satisfaction?

The real challenge here is to include this approach in a recurring process, keeping alive the employees’ interest without making it too time-consuming for the respondents. As possible solution is the set-up of a special annual group session that aims at questioning respondents about the work they’ve achieved (or not) and acknowledge our reciprocal commitments.

GEODIS’ Employee Satisfaction survey brings together several key themes without exceeding 50 questions: it entails an in-depth analysis of the employee work life.

No matter the location, nationality, language or hierarchical position. From career path to communication-related questions, including the relationship with management and colleagues, global strategy knowledge and Compensation & Benefits policy… there is a total Listening. This questionnaire is free, anonymous and available via different formats.


Outcomes matter

Measuring the feeling is a tricky exercise and it is subject to many factors you may not see. For this reason, it is important that questions be straight to the point and appropriate to any employee who may respond. It is necessary to make sure the satisfaction scale given to respondents is relevant and also consider the abstention rate to evaluate the influence of each result year after year.


Capture employee satisfaction

Some of them sound as accomplishments in 2016

The very good results we achieved this year show the commitment of our people and reward us for the non-stop efforts of the whole GEODIS ecosystem (Managers, HRD & CSR and Employees).


Striding toward excellence

Since several years now, the Employee Satisfaction Survey enables us to act with precision upon recommended actions for improvement. As the results* show, what emerges is a virtuous circle when a policy of transparency is observed.

Learning and Development: 77% (+12pts compared to 2015)

Daily relationship with my manager:  96% (+3.2pts  compared to 2015)

Obviously, it doesn’t prevent disagreeing employees from leaving the company, but it improves the trust-based partnership between a strategy and its contributors.

Considered as our internal benchmark reference, the Satisfaction Survey improves the Investors In People on-going process. It also ramps-up our opportunities to be a part of “The best place to Work” project. Who knows? Maybe one day…

*Results for 2016  – Contract Logistics Services

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