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There is no Age Limit to Digital Culture

Reverse Mentoring enables new generations of workers to transfer their specific knowledge and practices to most experienced employees, thus enhancing their skills. Born or grown-up using smartphones, new generations get a natural knowledge from the new century.

The positive effect is a disrupted environment that makes our lives more comfortable and that gives full access to new boundaries to other generations.


Reverse mentoring, a powerful leverage against the intergenerational conflict

Ensuring a soft transition of professional lifestyle

Therefore, whether people are “in favour of” or “against” Reverse Mentoring, it is a chance to break intergenerational silos and reconcile the interests of X, Y, Z generations or even baby-boomers.

The X, Y, Z reveal the utility of their capacities, inherited from their cultural background, and can gain more responsibilities and influence the company growth.  Elders, on the other side, become more independent and acquire new capabilities to face upcoming challenges. In addition, they start to know what are the new necessary skills that need to be part of future talents.

“Teaching skills is a fundamental role to play, with artificial intelligence, teaching robots and drones is not that futuristic”.


Also, opening-up contacts and networks towards a more agile and collaborative organization, built with autonomous stakeholders who can achieve higher objectives working in the same way.


We should not misunderstand what Reverse Mentoring is. It is neither coaching, nor properly tutelage. Management or hierarchical relationship is never inversed.

The secret recipe for Reverse Mentoring is a trustworthy environment, a step back of ego, sense of curiosity and a natural inclination to initiatives.

« We realize the value we are able to add, our actions make sense and find a key role in the organization”, Sara Romo, Community Manager at GEODIS.

It is important for Human Resources Department and managers to listen and provide means and a relevant framework to spread these competences.

“Thanks to Sara, we built a training path about social media awareness for our HR community”.  It is a real partnership in which every skill is highlighted and valued, for the benefit of all.

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