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Unity through Reverse Mentoring

Winston Churchill once said “The price of greatness is responsibility.”

What a better challenge than being responsible for others learning?


Isn’t it one of Reverse Mentoring virtues?

Enabling new generations of workers to transfer their specific knowledge and practices, to complete and enhance the skills of the most experienced employees. Giving more meaning to the responsibility they exercise within the organization, making them the active key players for collective knowledge progress and professional practices’ evolution.

If you have not heard about Reverse Mentoring yet, you might already practice it or be witness of a young professional giving some help or teaching elder colleagues how to use a new app or a SaaS solution (Software as a Service). Indeed, for the very first time, new hires are more agile than their elders in some fields. As a flagship discipline: digital and everything including new technologies.



A brand new role that puts together Recognition and Usefulness

For better Responsibility at every level

Reality is forcing companies to make different generations work together. These generations are driven by different codes and priorities. It is not surprising to observe that every generation wave may create a destabilization of Management, challenging codes or getting (new) aspirations. Immediacy, risk-taking, entrepreneurship mind and negotiation are the driving forces of our Millenials (Y, Z generations)*.

These motivations have to be understood and cleverly included within our business operations and Human Resources strategy.

We often hear that Millenial professionals are not loyal to a company. They may quit a job as soon as it doesn’t meet their expectations. It may come from a feeling of worthlessness or lack of perspective, disagreement with values or strategy, etc. In fact, Millenials are known to avoid involvement as new technologies are known to move fast. They don’t wait for the company to be ready for moving-up. They look for a company evolving with them.


Keep this in mind: Reverse Mentoring strives to develop the feeling of membership.

On the one hand, it creates trust with opportunities that encourage cohesion and interrelationship.

It brings two visions together and aligns the understanding of each other.

On the other hand, the “young professional” feels proud and useful and is willing to share the “natural” knowledge he has grown with. He takes a greater part of responsibility in the business’ evolution, learning also more about how these lifestyle elements can be included into the company’s objectives.

Finally, it creates a positive dynamic that favors the involvement necessary to retain talents and spread the culture of Innovation.


Coming next week : “Reverse mentoring, a powerful leverage against the intergenerational conflict” 

* Generation Y: born from 1980 to 1994 –  Generation Z: born from 1995

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