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Women in Supply Chain

In today’s competitive environment, it only makes sense to advance women into senior leadership roles to fuel supply chain innovation, close the talent gap and improve business performance. Based on the “Women in Supply Chain  Survey” from Gartner, progress is being made—but it still has a long way to go. 

The study highlights data about the status of women in supply chain that allows to track progress, and provide insights about goals and initiatives that companies are putting in place to increase diversity in senior supply chain leadership roles. During the last two years, companies have launched initiatives to close the much discussed supply chain talent gap between female and male professionals.

After all, the supply chain has become an increasingly critical component of business strategy and business transformation, and the capabilities required for the future are very different from those required in the past.

The ability to recruit, develop, retain and advance great leaders will put companies at a competitive advantage in their ability to innovate, create value for customers and improve supply chain performance.
A key to closing the gap is recognizing and unleashing the untapped potential of women in today’s supply chain.

Women’s potentials should be reinforced at every trenches of the company, from supervisory to senior leadership roles.

fig-1The results of this research indicate that while women make up 35% of the supply chain workforce, the representation of women at progressive levels of leadership drops precipitously and is only about 5% at the most senior levels.

Yet, it is obvious that having more women in leadership roles fuels innovation as well as financial and operating performance.

In today’s competitive environment, advancing women’s leadership in supply chain is a business essential.


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