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Automated warehouse inventory using drones? Welcome to GEODIS

Drones are changing our Supply Chain world in fascinating ways.

I’m glad to share with you today more details on latest news coming from the logistics sector: drone inventory solution developed by GEODIS and Delta Drone. The cooperation between the two companies started back on April 2016 and has shown the potential of this innovative solution .

GEODIS’ workers now manually scan pallets of goods with hand-held scanning devices. The logistics company is testing the use of flying drones to handle automated inventory at its large warehouses.

The deployed drone solution comprises a quadcopter drone fit with high-resolution cameras and a ground-based robot equipped with a battery. The flying drone and the robot are connected through ELISTAIR tethered station that providing a reliable power supply.


Capable of identifying pallets in low-light conditions, the solution is operated using several dedicated electronics and computer systems.

The system, which ensures data counting and reporting in real time, aims at integrating the entire value chain, including data processing and retrieval in the GEODIS information system (WMS).


A completed prototype for this automated warehouse inventory using drones should be showcased in 2017.

Learn more? Watch the video 

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