Logistics Minded

How important is logistics for online sales?

The steady growth of online sales and global trade market transformations lead to the awareness that the sales process represents a very complex system. Hence why, logistics becomes a fundamental “piece of the puzzle”.

There are in fact at least three challenges that any online sale business has to deal with:

  • Orders tracking is the new imperative for consumers’ expectations. Since orders do not materialize at the time of purchase, consumers expect immediacy in the information monitoring. In November 2015 Metapack performed a research that indicates that over 80% of customers would like to check orders at least twice between the time of the purchase and the receipt of the products. Nowadays, many e-commerce businesses refer to couriers’ website to track the path of the ordered goods. Only a few implement a systematic monitoring directly on their own website. Therefore it is crucial to provide to the clients the synchronization data as a standard service, accessible also to the smallest seller and the modest consumer.
  • Immediacy and quality of the service. The choice of the courier, the quality of the logistics service and on time delivery are essential elements. In a society in which consumers demand high quality and timeliness, these services have to quickly respond to the order, guarantee safe delivery and optimize costs for customers in order to be reliable and get loyalty.
  • Advanced logistics services and B2B sales. Warehousing, rotation of the goods, time on the shelfs and delivery to the customer are fundamental. Furthermore, the rating of online feedbacks should be carefully evaluated. If online sales do not have a solid basis, speaking about marketing, user experience, browsing and merchandising will not be enough. Despite to one-to-one sales in stores, one-to-one sales online generates additional cost and business management challenges. Thus, these points must be identified, evaluated and resolved in prompt advance.


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